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Don’t trust Glen Beck, he is bought and paid for controlled opposition

28 Mar

Article I wrote a year ago that got published on Alex Jones Prison Planet.


Don’t trust Glen Beck, he is bought and paid for controlled opposition



My eulogy for my Grandma, Claire McCabe at her funeral 11-15-10.

27 Mar

WC Sonny McCullough


Thanks for coming.  For the last year or so, Grandma & I would talk about an insight that gives me great comfort now and I hope that it will give you all comfort now also.  I wish I had a grasp of this concept when loved ones  died who passed before her but I understand it now, she helped me to understand it.

I would like to start with a passage from the Bible.  Jeremiah Chapter 1. verse 5   “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee.” .  What that meant to Grandma & me is that…Our conscious lives don’t begin at our human births, and our conscious lives don’t end at our human deaths,  we always were and what we are experiencing now is…much different from what we will experience after this.

In the Gospels the apostles would constantly hound Jesus about, what was it like in heaven, what was it like after death?  And Jesus would get frustrated because Jesus rarely talked about Heaven, Heaven is a place, its more of a realm.  Jesus talked more about eternal  life, thats what the true gift of his message was. He used the Cup of Life example a lot where he used the analogy “you drink from the cup but the cup is only temporary,  the true gift I give you is overflowing water.” and the cup is your biological body which isn’t all that important what is important is the overflowing water is your eternal spirit its what you truly are, you are infinite consciousness.  Our souls are our true selves,  its our true conscious selves.

Most people think that we have a conscious and thats not true.  Because WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS !

We are all infinite consciousness thats what our souls are infinite consciousness.  Our bodies are the vehicles our souls use to have a unique experience with a unique point of view.  And then we return to our true state of being in the presence of GOD.  We are graceful when we return and we are surrounded by our loved ones even the ones we just left behind as well as the ones who returned before us.

We are infinite conscious for sure, the evidence is all around us, the sparkle in your eyes is from this, thats your true-self.  When you feel somebody you can’t see staring at you and you turn around and make direct eye contact, that is your two souls connecting and those are two out of many examples.

Earlier the priest was talking about anagrams he used D.D.D which stands for Devotion, dedication, direction.  And that made me think of another one R.I.P. Rest in peace, that one should be thrown out, because your consciousness never rests when you go to sleep at night your body needs rest, your consciousness is still awake thats why you have dreams!

The point i’m trying to make is this…Thats not my Grandmother in that urn, thats whats left over of her biological vehicle that her Infinite Consciousness Claire McCabe used as a biological vehicle to have a unique experience with a unique point of view before returning to her true state of being.

She surrounds us now, she sees us and is there for us when she is called.

Thank you.

Please join us at (address deleted) after the service for a family and friends gathering.

Hair & Makeup Politicians who are propped up by Hair & Makeup Pundits.

15 Mar

Written by

WC Sonny McC

3/15/11 (Revised)

One of the surefire ways to spot a corporate controlled  politician is to look at their hair and face.  If it looks like they have their own personal hair stylists and makeup artists traveling with them everywhere they go, its because they do.  Now there is nothing wrong with looking well groomed & polished, but when so-called representatives of the people have a team of highly paid professionals plus their per diem expenses that follow them around just to make sure they look good for the cameras,  chances are that they are not the only highly paid experts in their entourage, there are many more.  These people are called Handlers, and their job is to do just that…To handle the “talent”.  They put the stage makeup on, dress them, tell them who they can and can’t talk to, what to say and how to say it.  So in reality these type of  politicians are just ceremonial  figureheads controlled like puppets (handled) to put in front of the general public for a corporate media dog & pony show.  It has gotten so bad that President George W. Bush was known to give speech’s with a well hidden earpiece so his handlers could transmit his lines to him word by word.  And its common knowledge that President Obama is helpless with out his teleprompters.

All this begs the question, who or what entity(s)  are paying for all these professional handlers and their expenses and what are their motives for wanting a puppet to hide behind?

One of  most important jobs of the handlers is to always control the environment.  After all, the sham wouldn’t last very long if the Hair & Makeup Politicians had to actually interact with average citizens,  there would be to many real unprepared questions and no time to rehearse the answers with voters standing right upfront waiting for the response.  This is what makes Town-hall meetings so terrifying for the handlers and the 2-party system in general.  Their solution for this is the Hair & Makeup Pundit shows.  Now their in a controlled setting and know what the questions are going to be well in advance.  The whole show is scripted and timed and everyone knows their roles and how to play them.  Its a lot like a WWE Wrestling match.  During the show the host may be friendly or adversarial,  the interview could be a puff-piece or a shouting match depending on what their corporate masters were needing at the time.  And after the lights and cameras turn off they all drop the act and maybe make plans to  go out to dinner with each other and have a laugh.

This whole game is dangerous for our Republic.  These entities wouldn’t be hiding behind their Hair & Makeup ceremonial figureheads if their motives were not nefarious.  One of the many major dangers of this smoke and mirrors act is that good candidates with true grassroots appeal and legitimate goals and issues are marginalized by this horrible system and when their names and message starts to break into mainstream America by word of mouth,  only then are they invited onto the Hair & Makeup Pundit shows where they have the host of these programs roll their eyes at them with the “this person is nuts” look,  be call extremists or conspiracy theorist & other forms of ad-hominine attacks to marginalize a real growing mass-movement.  This is the type of tactics they used on Ron Paul during the 2008 Republican primary campaign and his son Rand Paul in Kentucky’s primary & U.S. Senate campaign of 2010.
The good news is that these sort of tactics are starting to backfire on the elite controlled media.  Ron Paul has more followers then ever and Rand Paul won a freshman seat in the U.S. Senate after two establishment dirty tricks smear campaigns.

Its time for us to start marginalizing the Hair & Makeup Politicians and the Hair & Makeup Pundits who prop them up.  Many of us in the awakened liberty movement already know this,  and it looks like more & more of our families and friends are starting to wake up to these types of shenanigans as well.  Thank God, its about time.

Fly Ol’ Glory High, be proud of her, never let anybody disrespect our flag, but for the sake of our Republic… Stop saying The Pledge of Allegiance to The Flag of The United States of America.

15 Mar

Written by

WC Sonny McC

3/15/11 (Revised)

I love The American Flag. I get goose-bumps when I look at it during The National Anthem & I’m furious about the five students at an Arizona public school getting suspended for 5 days because they had Ol’ Glory printed on their shirts on the (fake) Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo last year .  I even have a big tattoo of it on my arm. But I have stopped pledging allegiance to it and I won’t allow my child to make that pledge either.


The American Flag has absolutely nothing to do with what made The United States so great. It was The U.S. Constitution that set us free and acknowledge that our Rights come from our Creator so that no king or any other human being and/or cabal of tyrants could ever take our GOD given rights away.


Our Founders were students of history and knew that one day in the future sooner or later that a group of people would come to see themselves as a ruling-class elite and thus the only ones worthy of power and control over Americas citizens and our natural resources including our labor & liberty’s. They also knew that an overt coup d’etat would be impossible to do if the majority of the people were just as well armed as those few who wished to be our tyrannical rulers one day, because its hard to lord over a population, take away liberty’s and silence dissent when your out-gunned & then dead.


That’s why The Bill of Rights are the most righteous and important part in the whole document over all the other Articles & Amendments. So when I say The Pledge I take out “flag” and insert Constitution.


Now, the reason why pledging allegiance to the flag is so dangerous to our Republic is because what you are really doing is giving an oath of loyalty to an establishment full of compromised politicians and power brokers, unelected & unaccountable bureaucrats many of whom would be those very same ruling-class elite types our founders were so worried about working inside it right now, and if it were not for the Constitution they would be our iron-fisted oppressors right now. These type of scoundrels are not above doing something in the name of our flag, right or wrong, may The Constitution be dammed and have a bunch of otherwise decent hard working Americans following them blindly convinced they are being patriotic even if its immoral or Un-Constitutional and they get away with it all the time. Just a few examples, The Vietnam War, The Mena Arkansas/Iran-Contra drug smuggling & arms scandal, The Massacre at Waco, The War in Iraq that almost all Americans now know was based on lies, etc, etc.


This is why we need to turn away from pledging our loyalty to a flag that can be easily captured secretly from inside the halls of power by a cabal of usurpers who would then use our patriotism as a weapon against ourselves. So from now on, I urge you to remember to take out “flag” and insert “Constitution” when saying The Pledge of Allegiance.