My eulogy for my Grandma, Claire McCabe at her funeral 11-15-10.

27 Mar

WC Sonny McCullough


Thanks for coming.  For the last year or so, Grandma & I would talk about an insight that gives me great comfort now and I hope that it will give you all comfort now also.  I wish I had a grasp of this concept when loved ones  died who passed before her but I understand it now, she helped me to understand it.

I would like to start with a passage from the Bible.  Jeremiah Chapter 1. verse 5   “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee.” .  What that meant to Grandma & me is that…Our conscious lives don’t begin at our human births, and our conscious lives don’t end at our human deaths,  we always were and what we are experiencing now is…much different from what we will experience after this.

In the Gospels the apostles would constantly hound Jesus about, what was it like in heaven, what was it like after death?  And Jesus would get frustrated because Jesus rarely talked about Heaven, Heaven is a place, its more of a realm.  Jesus talked more about eternal  life, thats what the true gift of his message was. He used the Cup of Life example a lot where he used the analogy “you drink from the cup but the cup is only temporary,  the true gift I give you is overflowing water.” and the cup is your biological body which isn’t all that important what is important is the overflowing water is your eternal spirit its what you truly are, you are infinite consciousness.  Our souls are our true selves,  its our true conscious selves.

Most people think that we have a conscious and thats not true.  Because WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS !

We are all infinite consciousness thats what our souls are infinite consciousness.  Our bodies are the vehicles our souls use to have a unique experience with a unique point of view.  And then we return to our true state of being in the presence of GOD.  We are graceful when we return and we are surrounded by our loved ones even the ones we just left behind as well as the ones who returned before us.

We are infinite conscious for sure, the evidence is all around us, the sparkle in your eyes is from this, thats your true-self.  When you feel somebody you can’t see staring at you and you turn around and make direct eye contact, that is your two souls connecting and those are two out of many examples.

Earlier the priest was talking about anagrams he used D.D.D which stands for Devotion, dedication, direction.  And that made me think of another one R.I.P. Rest in peace, that one should be thrown out, because your consciousness never rests when you go to sleep at night your body needs rest, your consciousness is still awake thats why you have dreams!

The point i’m trying to make is this…Thats not my Grandmother in that urn, thats whats left over of her biological vehicle that her Infinite Consciousness Claire McCabe used as a biological vehicle to have a unique experience with a unique point of view before returning to her true state of being.

She surrounds us now, she sees us and is there for us when she is called.

Thank you.

Please join us at (address deleted) after the service for a family and friends gathering.


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