Hair & Makeup Politicians who are propped up by Hair & Makeup Pundits.

15 Mar

Written by

WC Sonny McC

3/15/11 (Revised)

One of the surefire ways to spot a corporate controlled  politician is to look at their hair and face.  If it looks like they have their own personal hair stylists and makeup artists traveling with them everywhere they go, its because they do.  Now there is nothing wrong with looking well groomed & polished, but when so-called representatives of the people have a team of highly paid professionals plus their per diem expenses that follow them around just to make sure they look good for the cameras,  chances are that they are not the only highly paid experts in their entourage, there are many more.  These people are called Handlers, and their job is to do just that…To handle the “talent”.  They put the stage makeup on, dress them, tell them who they can and can’t talk to, what to say and how to say it.  So in reality these type of  politicians are just ceremonial  figureheads controlled like puppets (handled) to put in front of the general public for a corporate media dog & pony show.  It has gotten so bad that President George W. Bush was known to give speech’s with a well hidden earpiece so his handlers could transmit his lines to him word by word.  And its common knowledge that President Obama is helpless with out his teleprompters.

All this begs the question, who or what entity(s)  are paying for all these professional handlers and their expenses and what are their motives for wanting a puppet to hide behind?

One of  most important jobs of the handlers is to always control the environment.  After all, the sham wouldn’t last very long if the Hair & Makeup Politicians had to actually interact with average citizens,  there would be to many real unprepared questions and no time to rehearse the answers with voters standing right upfront waiting for the response.  This is what makes Town-hall meetings so terrifying for the handlers and the 2-party system in general.  Their solution for this is the Hair & Makeup Pundit shows.  Now their in a controlled setting and know what the questions are going to be well in advance.  The whole show is scripted and timed and everyone knows their roles and how to play them.  Its a lot like a WWE Wrestling match.  During the show the host may be friendly or adversarial,  the interview could be a puff-piece or a shouting match depending on what their corporate masters were needing at the time.  And after the lights and cameras turn off they all drop the act and maybe make plans to  go out to dinner with each other and have a laugh.

This whole game is dangerous for our Republic.  These entities wouldn’t be hiding behind their Hair & Makeup ceremonial figureheads if their motives were not nefarious.  One of the many major dangers of this smoke and mirrors act is that good candidates with true grassroots appeal and legitimate goals and issues are marginalized by this horrible system and when their names and message starts to break into mainstream America by word of mouth,  only then are they invited onto the Hair & Makeup Pundit shows where they have the host of these programs roll their eyes at them with the “this person is nuts” look,  be call extremists or conspiracy theorist & other forms of ad-hominine attacks to marginalize a real growing mass-movement.  This is the type of tactics they used on Ron Paul during the 2008 Republican primary campaign and his son Rand Paul in Kentucky’s primary & U.S. Senate campaign of 2010.
The good news is that these sort of tactics are starting to backfire on the elite controlled media.  Ron Paul has more followers then ever and Rand Paul won a freshman seat in the U.S. Senate after two establishment dirty tricks smear campaigns.

Its time for us to start marginalizing the Hair & Makeup Politicians and the Hair & Makeup Pundits who prop them up.  Many of us in the awakened liberty movement already know this,  and it looks like more & more of our families and friends are starting to wake up to these types of shenanigans as well.  Thank God, its about time.


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